Standard Colors For Casino Chips

Just like a designer of custom casino chips I am frequently requested in what the traditional colors are appropriate for casino chips. This is often a tough question to resolve since there is no set standard.

Over the past ten years roughly there’s been plenty of retailers pushing groups of plastic casino chips since the recognition of poker exploded. Do today to mass marketing, these sets had the identical fundamental colors. These sets contained white-colored-colored, red, eco-friendly, and black chips. Sometimes, blue chips were incorporated too.

Typically, these colors fits the standards that lots of people would searching for poker nick colors. White-colored-colored is generally utilized as $1 chips, red as $5, eco-friendly as $25, and black as $100 chips. If blue chips were incorporated, they were normally $10 or $50 chips, that’s unusual as these denominations are nearly not used whatsoever in casinos, whether it is cash games or tournaments.

However, there is no worldwide standard color arrange for casino chips. Not only that, but in the country or possibly portion of a country (for instance Vegas or La), the shades may differ from casino to casino.

Let’s start with the easiest colors –

$1 – Mostly white-colored-colored, but blue is a type of color for $1 chips, specifically in Vegas.

$5 – Red

$25 – Eco-friendly

$100 – Black

$500 – Crimson

The shades above are nearly universal, though realize that the $1 chips might be either white-colored-colored or blue. When folks are intending to benefiting from custom casino chips It’s my job to recommend blue for your $1 chips. White-colored-colored chips possess a inclination to exhibit dirt and grime easily and since they’re the casino chips used most often in several games, you wouldn’t like the $1 chips to become really dirty searching.

Almost every other denominations may differ a good deal, particularly with greater denominations. Listed here are a couple of more colors, though these bankruptcies are not as standard since the $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500 casino chips:

$.25 – Most often blue or red

$.50 – White-colored-colored, Red, Blue

$2 – Yellow

$2.50 – Pink, that’s very famous Colonial poker games

$10 – Blue

$20 – Grey or Yellow

$50 – Orange

$250 – Pink

$1000 – Burgundy, but generally Orange

$2000 – Light Blue

$5000 – Brown or Grey

Now, the key step to bear in mind when you are designing your individual number of custom casino chips is the fact that you don’t have to follow any standards on your own chips. If you’d like your $1 chips to get crimson then take action!