4 Ways to Play Texas Hold’em

Did you know that Texas Hold’em is not exclusive to the full ring casino or online poker version you normally play? To keep the game active, popular and enticing players there have been innovations and new ways of playing that keeps people interested. In this article we will share four different types of Texas Hold’em so you can sample all in the future and see which you enjoy the most.

1] Strip Poker

It may surprise you to learn that you can play texas holdem strip poker. This is more of the friendly social game that people play at home with drinks. The way this is played is instead of wagering money like regular poker, players bet with their clothes. It’s a unique concept that is popular in USA.

2] 6 Max

Probably the most popular way of playing Texas Hold’em in 2021 is in short handed games. These are games that have tables between 3 and 6 players on and are the games players try making money on. The format tends to generate juicier action and rewards more aggressive players. You can find yourself stuck between trying to run over the table or set intricate traps for other players. We certainly find this way of playing Texas Hold’em the most pleasurable as it rewards the lag poker style best.

3] Heads Up

If you love games where it’s one on one, heads up poker might be for you. Almost all poker rooms offer heads up SNGS or cash games where players can face off against one other opponent to do poker battle. It’s truly a psychological battle when you face a player one on one. Be prepared to play almost every hand and face difficult scenarios regularly. We only recommend heads up formats for the most experienced of players it takes a huge toll and a lot of post flop skill to play this game well.

4] Fast Fold Poker

Finally, we come to the innovative game of fast-fold poker. This way of playing Texas Hold’em involves registering for a game with other players in a pool and randomly seated. Heres the big difference between a normal game, when you fold, you are instantly moved to a new table. This concept has taken off and booming with almost all major genuine poker sites offering this variant.

It was originally coined “rush poker” but now each site has their own title. The best way to play this format is to be patient and active in position. If you play too tightly and just wait for aces, the blinds will ruin your win rate.