April 2021


Learn Online Poker Rules Using These Steps

Online poker India games have become the daily gaming norm in our country today. Earlier gaming was not viewed as a mainstream leisure activity, but today the tables have turned completely. From corporate professionals to college students – everyone seems to understand the need for a break, a change in the routine by doing something fun and easy. Several games are available to be played on virtual platforms, but none compare to the excitement and engagement received through poker card games.

Today, poker games are played through digital mediums worldwide, with millions of users participating in real money cash games and tournaments. You need not play professionally; you can always experience and win as a casual player. But before you could even get that far in thought, wouldn’t you want to learn poker rules?

Well, that is what this article is about. For our illustration, we will be using Texas Holdem poker rules because this game is the epitome of poker. Playing Texas Holdem will give you a broad perspective of what to expect at the table, and practicing this game will allow you to try other variants without any worry. So, let us get into the game.

Poker Hand Rankings 

In poker, poker hands are five-card sequences that you need to formulate during the game. From the Royal Flush to the High Card – there are ten poker hands in all, where the rarer your sequence, the stronger it is, and the better your winning chances will be. Your strategies and calculations will all rely on the strength of your cards. You could, of course, win with more common hands like the Straight, but your strategies need to be bulletproof.

Poker Rounds 

The game begins with the preflop round, where you’ve dealt with your two hole cards, and this is also where the initial blinds are posted. After this, you have the flop round where three community cards are revealed, and the game is almost sealed. Following this, we have the turn and river rounds, bringing one new community card to the table. Lastly, those remaining in the game after the river move to the showdown, where the one with the best hand combination wins the pot.

Poker Actions 

In poker, table positions shift in a clockwise direction to ensure fairness since the later you are stationed, the more information you have available and the better your winning chances will be. When the action does get to you, you can make one of four available actions. You can either call and match the betting amount, raise and increase its value, check and skip your turn, or fold and withdraw from the game.


When it comes to playing Online Poker India games, it is all about practicing and perfecting your basics, and there is no better way to do so than playing Texas Holdem. We hope this blog helped you learn how Holdem works so that you can advance your poker game further.

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