September 2019


Money Management is Important in Online Casino Games to Avoid Becoming Bankrupt

The casino is all about gambling with cards and money. Casinos were basically introduced only for elite people who had a lot of money. When you enter a casino, you are in a different world. With disco lights and loud music, along with waiters offering drinks to guests, casinos have always been a place to get rid of stress and tension. Now, casino and clubs have become a fashion.

Looking at the trend of casinos in the market, many companies launched online gambling sites as well. Some are played with fake coins while some bid with real money. However, not all websites are authentic, therefore before playing with real money, it is wise to know about the site properly. As a beginner, it is better to play with fake coins in gambling games.

Ufa Bet Thailand based online gambling site, deals not only in an online casino but also football betting. They deal with Keno, Roulette, Baccarat, online boxing, online gambling, online lottery, etc. Every game is played with real money. They are an authentic online site that has 24 hours of service where you can deposit and withdraw money any time. They believe in confidentiality and therefore protect their customer’s information along with their bank account details.

While playing any online gambling game, the main objective is to save money. In offline casinos, you can see your opponent and analyse their thinking or facial expression, but while playing online you aren’t aware of your component. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the online casino, you should make the most use of your money.

Here are some beneficial tips that may help you in money management while gambling or playing cards online –

  • While playing online, don’t use all your money, but leave aside your rent, mortgage as well to save some for future. If you spend all of it and lose in the game, you might end up borrowing for household needs.
  • Don’t use that money in one go to play online casino, rather split that amount into many sections to play every week or day. This way, you will learn to stop even when winning or losing and will not over exceed in excitement.
  • If you win a game, then in the next round don’t use the saved instalment and winning amount together, but keep aside either the winning amount or bankrolled money.
  • When a person loses a game, he or she gets anxious and start betting with more money and ends up losing all the saved amount. If you lose any game, don’t bet again, but take a break.
  • Winning two games at a stretch doesn’t mean you’ll win all games further. Stick to the plan of using the set amount decided, whether you gain or lose because it is better to leave the game as a winner.

If you are a beginner, it is always good to play easy games. There are many levels in one game, don’t get overboard and choose the hardest level, simply because you won the first two attempts at the easy level. Stick to simple levels for few days to be sure with all tricks and tactics being used by the opponents. Once you’re sure about the game then move further. Remember that online games are played for enjoyment and not for stress.

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How to make the most out of your welcome bonus

Who doesn’t like free money right? Well, that’s what online casinos offer you when you first sign up with them and make your first deposit. However, if there’s anything we know about online casinos is that this money is not entirely free. It comes with several strings attached in the form of wagering requirements. Point to note, before deciding to take up a bonus, check through the wagering requirements on the site. They tend to become a real buzz kill when you finally want to withdraw your winnings. Most of the signup bonuses such as welcome bonus tend to be awarded based on your first deposit. It is, in most cases, 100%-150% of the first deposit you make. So if you deposit $100, then the bonus you get is somewhere between £200 to £400, subject to a limit set by the casino.

So then how do you make sure you make the most of your welcome bonus? Here are some strategies you can employ.

  1. Review terms and condition regarding the wagering

First things first, check the wagering requirements. All casinos require the players to wager the bonus money several times before you win real money that you can withdraw. The typical ‘X’ you see beside the bonus is the number of times you must wager it. For example, x30 or x40. Some casinos may even go as high as 100X. Remember, when I mentioned about some of them being a buzzkill, the x100 wagering requirement is what I was talking about then. The rule here is that the lower the wagering requirement, the better for the player.

  1. Contribution of the games to the wagering requirements

When playing with 888 bonus, not all the games contribute to the requirements equally. Some have no contribution at all. You might find yourself in a situation where you’re playing but not making any progress with fulfilling the requirements. In most casinos, slots contribute 100% while others like blackjack, video poker and roulette contribute as low as 10% to the wagering requirements. If your primary motivation for playing is winning money and being able to withdraw it, then you must first play for the conditions to cash in.

  1. Read through to the fine print

I can emphasize how important it is to comb through the terms and conditions of the online casino. Some of them are so crafty that they put some clause restricting the amount you’re allowed to withdraw at any point. Check if there is a maximum amount you can withdraw from bonus winnings. If the bonus was in the form of free spins, are you allowed to cash that out as well or must you only play with it? Such matters are significant.

In conclusion, welcome bonus gives you a chance to win actual money for free, but you need first to understand the ground rules of how they work to get anything out of it. If you have any queries whatsoever about what you can use them for and have fun while making money, contact customer support. They are there to help you have the best online gaming experience.

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