January 2018


Gambling Laws in Indonesia

As per the law in Indonesia, any kind of gambling is entirely illegal. About 85 % of 240 million population of the country practice Islamic religion. As per this religion, gambling is not only illegal but prohibited strictly. Hence, you cannot spot any poker rooms, casinos, betting shops or bingo halls in Indonesia.But gambling is still practiced in some tourist spots and is highly popular. You will also come across some underground gambling bars in the major cities. Online gambling is one of the favorite options for the Indonesians even for betting on the world famous sports events. Basically, there are no online gambling sites in Indonesia but a number of other international websites allows the citizens of Indonesia to play safely from the comfort of their home.

How to choose an online Sportsbook

Even if you are playing through any of the bandarjudi bola terbesar di dunia online, there are certain tips you need to follow:

  • Gather proper info about the site–Go through the services it offers to its customers like payment options, betting options, the deposit amounts, promotional offers etc. along with the terms and conditions.
  • Learn how to place the bets –If you are a novice, then go for the websites that offers complete guidance of the steps to be followed. This helps you in gaining confidence in betting.
  • Start by investing a small amount –When you are learning how to bet, always allocate the funds wisely. Don’t be impulsive and put your hard earned money at stake.
  • Know your limits – Invest only that amount which is extra and not a part of your regular expenses. Stay away from the household budget.

The leagues to bet on

  • Premier League – This is England’s one of the most popular league of football commonly known as EPL. Betting on this league is not only popular in the UK, but worldwide.
  • La Liga – This is a top professional league of football in Spain. It ranks second in popularity when it comes to betting. It includes some of the quality teams and consists of the best players of the world.
  • Bundesliga – Here, the opinion of the fans of Germany differs with that of the punters and experts. As per the fans, this rank second in terms of popularity after the EPL.
  • Champions League – This is another top-level football league in Europe which is highly gambled. Every year millions of pounds are betted during the period of July to next year June. It has extensive fan followers and is one of the most watched sports events.

The betting guide

Indonesians have a history of betting on different kinds of sports. Japanese used to gamble on cockfighting, buffalo fights and tiger fights. Some of the traditional sports on which they preferred to bet were kite fighting and boat racing. Today, they bet on several sports like football, badminton, basketball and many other such matches. The basic change in the process is betting online with the help of foreign bookies. The reason behind is legal betting on sports was banned in the year 1989 to safeguard the hard earned money of the villagers who were then mostly wasting their money on football bets. Later an initiative was taken to withdraw the ban, but the Islamic religion opposed it strongly. The best option, therefore, is to gamble through the bandarjudi bola terbesar di duniaonline and pursue your addiction.

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