What are the various bonuses available in online casinos?

Every bandarqq casino will provide you with attractive bonuses as below,

Welcome bonus

If you join a casino website that offers you a bonus once after you deposit your money with them, it is known as a welcome bonus casino. The process of rewarding a new joiner with a bonus amount is becoming more popular, and almost all of the casinos are using this strategy to get more customers. You could avail of this bonus once after you have deposited on the website. The size of the bonus may vary from website to website. Mostly, it will be a fractional percentage of the joiner’s deposit amount. It can be either a 50% bonus or even a 100% bonus. A 100% bonus would get you the entire amount you deposit as a bonus, and so, you can play for double the amount you put in.

Referral Bonus 

You would be hearing this term in many applications, websites, and even games. If you refer a person to join any of these being a member already, you will get a bonus. Since you are referring a friend to get the bonus, it has got its name. It is the second most popular type of bonus in the casino world. Almost all the players would know at least one person interested in playing casino games. So, it would not be a tedious process for the players to refer to someone. As there is a reward for a referral, each person would be actively looking to find a person to join. Once a new joiner makes his first deposit on the site, the person who referred will get his bonus.  

High Deposit bonus

If two persons are about to provide you a thousand dollars cheque and a ten-dollar note, who would you give priority. We would go for the one with the thousand dollars cheque. The same concept has led to the announcement of this type of bonus in online casinos applicable to the players depositing a huge amount alone. If you are depositing thousand dollars to a casino website providing a high deposit bonus, you would be getting a huge bonus compared to a person who has deposited a small amount. It is provided to attract successive higher amount of deposits by that player. As there are options to go with a $10 and a $100, people who are depositing the latter will be considered special and rewarded for their huge contribution to the company. But only a few casinos online are offering this type of bonus.

No deposit bonuses

As the name suggests, these are the bonuses without any money from the casino side. Even the players would not pay anything. That is what the bonus is all about. In the casinos offering no deposit bonus, players can start registering and playing games without depositing anything. It is the best way to attract more customers from around the world as there is no fear of losing money.