Know How Joker Makes the Game Easy for All Rummy Players

A game of skills and abilities is often welcome in our nation. Indian rummy is one of the popular card games played in India. In all variations of the game, joker plays a significant role in deciding how soon the player wins. The standard variation of 13 cards rummy game is the most popular one. Here we try and explain the significance of joker in this variation of rummy and how it can prove useful to a player.

What is a Joker in Rummy?

A joker is a card that can be used as a replacement for any other card to complete a set or a sequence. Since the role of a joker in Indian rummy online games is quite similar to that of a lifeline, many players have a habit of stocking jokers in their hands. There are also possibilities that cause the players to lose because of this very habit of stocking jokers.

What are the Types of Jokers in Standard 13 Cards Rummy Game?

Before we go ahead and see the different ways in which a joker may help a player to win the game, let us understand the different types of jokers that are present in the standard variation of rummy games.

Joker Cards

The joker card already existing in the deck are treated as jokers. There are three or four of these in each deck and the design of joker may vary based on the deck you purchase.

Blank Cards

Every deck has one blank card. In the games of Indian rummy, these blank cards are also treated as jokers.

Pulled-Out Jokers

The player sitting next to the dealer picks out one card randomly from the deck. All cards of that number are treated as pulled-out jokers. For instance, if the player pulls out 2 of hearts then all the twos in the deck are treated as pulled-out jokers.

Different Ways to Use Jokers to Win the Game

While a person cannot win any variation of Indian rummy till, he forms the pure sequence, the significance of jokers in contributing to victory cannot be neglected. Once the pure sequence is formed, a joker can help the completion of every other meld or sequence.

Jokers to Complete the Real/Artificial Sequence

In a 13 cards rummy game, the pure sequence and the real sequence are together termed as life. Real sequence is a sequence formed by combining cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values. A joker maybe used to complete the real sequence.

For instance, if you have K of spades and J of spades, you may place a joker in the middle of these two cards to represent the queen of spades and thus complete the sequence at hand.

Jokers to Complete Melds

Melds or sets are a combination of cards of same number but of different signs. A joker maybe used to replace the missing sign card in a meld. For example, if you are trying to make a meld of 2s and you have two 2s of different signs. A joker maybe used to represent the third sign card in the meld. In a meld, all the cards need to be compulsorily of different signs but same numerical value.

Additional Tips About Use of Jokers

Here we have listed out a few facts about the use of jokers that only experienced players can tell you. Read along and know some important facts that will help you win money playing games using the right tactics:

  • Avoid the use of pulled-out jokers in pure sequences as this will keep the jokers stuck their forever
  • Do not stock jokers unless your pure sequence is formed because no number of jokers can save you against a full hand unless your pure sequence is formed
  • Dispose jokers if they prevent you from creating life

Yes, joker makes the game easy for rummy players. Yet, these above tips need to be remembered. Everything thing has a flip side and the tips above just help you understand the flip side of having too many jokers or not using them wisely. You can choose 13 card rummy game free download for android and practice rummy on your smartphone.