The Straightforward Secret to Winning at Internet Poker

Here’s something you most likely know, however, you haven’t acted on:

The straightforward secret to winning at internet poker would be to play in which the players would be the weakest!

Fact #1: The Very Best Tier Poker Rooms Attract the most difficult Players.

My prediction is you play at Full Tilt and/or Poker Stars since you are lured through the constant action, number of games, and large prize pools. You know what? So are the most useful poker players on the planet!

In my opinion you need to play at either of those sites and take a photo in a big pay day. That’s fun.

But do you want to invest all individuals hrs attempting to beat the very best?

Fact #2: Another Tier Poker Network Increases Your Opportunity to Win. Try Bodog!

I understand that Bodog does not see itself as second tier. But it’s with regards to the amount of players and how big the prize pool. Less action, smaller sized prizes and couple of top players at Bodog.

You will not encounter Cunnigham, Ivey, or Negreanu at Bodog. But you’ll encounter Donk, Fish and Tuccus.

I play at Bodog and it is the only real site where I’ve won 1000s of dollars.

Consider Bodog like a friendlier spot to play not since you will not experience bad beats (heck Bodog can endure Poker Stars and Full Tilt any day on freaking bad beats), speculate the games are softer. This is a good factor for you personally…and me.

Fact #3: My Secret to Winning at Internet Poker is Bodog.

The straightforward secret to winning at internet poker would be to play from the less strong players at Bodog. Therefore, I suggest that you simply:

1. Register at Poker Stars and/or Full Tilt. Take part in the satellites to win a seat in a bigger game, and provide yourself a way for a large score.

2. Register at Bodog. Choose individuals decent sized, simpler cash wins.

You realize inside your mind and heart this is true. Don’t allow your ego stand when it comes to playing here (because it does mine.)

Try Bodog. You lost from the best. Now win from the rest.

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