Card Game

Hearts can be Healed by Emotions and Brains by Games

Whenever we feel delighted, we say that our heart is contented. And when we feel dejected, it is our blood-pumping organ that seems to be withering and writhing in pain. Likewise, when we do anything ingenious, we assert or at least perceive that we have racked our brains.However, we cannot deny a fact that when we are going through a phase of emotional instability, our brain too stops responding!

Emotions and Intellect

The title is based on the commonly prevalent notion thatassumes heart and brain to be two different entities. Heart is considered to be the seat of emotions while all intellect is supposed to originate from the brain. However, practically speaking, no two organs of our body work in absolute isolation. The human body is a marvellous creation of the Almighty; all the body parts operate in tandem with one another. That’s the magic of it!

Just One Remedy!

This paves the way to our ideology that if we could rein in our emotions, our heart would be in control too. If the heart will be at peace, the mind would be at its efficient best. If we say that just one remedy can cure heart ache as well as boost the brain, would you believe it?

What are the Causes that Lead to a gloomy heart?

Stress, work-pressure, relationships, anger, so on and so forth are some factors that make us feel low. Basically, all these triggers are ramifications of one single issue- we are not able to tame our emotions. At times, it could be as simple as that we let ourselves be a football of other people’s opinions or give the control of our emotions in others’ hands. At other times, it happens because we do not handle our health, studies, job, relationships or workproperly.

An Eye Opener

It’s time for the secret to be out! The entity that can mend both – the heart as well as the brain, is games. Surprising, isn’t it? A leisure pursuit can work such wonders! Yes, it’s very much true. We have indicated earlier that all problemsstem from our lack of control over our feelings. It implies that if we could learn to strengthen our will power and deal with various situations, besides learning to effectively manage all our tasks, we could successfully heal our heart as also our mind.

Games and sports are such wonderful diversions that instil a plenty of values in us, including the aforementioned ones. Another amazing fact is that we automatically imbibe all these virtues when we engage in games.

How is itPossible?

It is very much possible because games and sports make us go through many ups and downs when we play them. And the worth noting point is that we thoroughly enjoy these highs and lows, just like a roller-coaster ride.

Weplay a game with an aim to win it and put our best foot forward, because it is something that our heart wants to indulge in; and the brain supports the heart in its endeavours. However, what happens sometimes, is that we lose despite our best efforts. Over a period of time, participation in these fun activities builds up our stamina, strength, flexibility, leadership and motivational skills, spirit of sportsmanship and the patience to take success as well as failure in the same vein etc.

What is Resilience

This process strengthens our heart and will-power, thereby building up resilience in us. The dictionary defines ‘resilience’ as the ability to quickly recover from difficulties. Isn’t that what makes us strong, helps us adjust in all sorts of circumstances and keeps us going, come what may?

As a simple example, let us take our traditional card game rummy, that almost everybody can play, irrespective of their age, gender or social status. This highly entertaining mind game brings friends and family members close to one another and helps them acquire a number of qualities such as keen observation, quick decision-making ability and patience, to name a few. Then what to talk of other games that make us exercise our body too.

Needless to say, that they make both – our heart and our brain pretty robust,so that they do not easily get affected by external factors. They start working in great harmony with each other and are always ready to take everything head-on!

In a Nutshell

All of us have heard – ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.’ Games are fantastic means of entertainment that actually synchronize our energies to keep our body, mind and heart healthy. They bless us with composure, to strengthen us emotionally and heal our heart. In order to win, we also use our brain as much as we can – and this makes it sharper. So, play games and be stress-free, bright and fit as a fiddle!